Monday, 2 May 2011

Quran-Nahjolbalagheh contest ongoing



The provincial stage of the 29th Quran and Nahjolbalagheh contests are being held presently all around the nation. Students will compete in recitation, memorization and meaning of the books.
IBNA: In an interview with IBNA, Ali Ezati, manager of the Quran Administration of the Ministry of Education, said as the contests begin nationwide, students in four educational levels will compete with each other.

The Quran and Nahjolbalagheh contests are one of the biggest Quranic events in the country, he added. "As the provincial round ends, a winner will be chosen for each province of the country to be tested in the final phase."

The final round of the contests will be held in Markazi Province on July 16 for boys and July 20 for girls in the presence of provincial officials and Quranic experts of the Education Ministry.


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