Friday, 27 May 2011

Muslims today and Muslims in the past !

time is over when we used to make advancements
compelling the world powers to retreat. Those
precious moments have gone far away from us on
account of our carelessness, love for the wealth and
the world. It was a time when the entire world
advertently or inadvertently was compelled to follow
us. We had challenged the Greek civilization, we had
called Azans in whole of Hindustan, we had offered
prayers at each and every spot of the earth, we had
eliminated the centuries-old culture of Egypt,
defeated the enemy at all fronts, we had changed the
environment of Rome and Iran through our slogans of
Allah-o-Akbar and recitation of holy words, our
sword had its impact on the entire world from the
Arab to non-Arab world, our horses had entered the
oceans of brutality to eliminate injustices from the
earth, we had taught new tactics and styles of
living with dignity to the world nations, we had set
examples of bravery, and we had introduced new rules
of war.

But today we are at the defensive side. We do
celebrate the Defence Day, but we do not take
initiative and so we do never observe any day around
the year, which could be called the Day of
Advancement. We had come forward as the rescuer of
the humanity, but today we are waiting for others to
come for our rescue. We are the one who were
assigned to show right path to the humanity from
east to west, but today we are loitering hapless
waiting for foreign help. We are the one that our
shepherds were even had ability to lead the
community, but today we do not have our ‘Imams’
(leaders). Those who had crushed the ‘white paper’
under their feet, are now standing in front of the
White House with begging bowls in their hands. Those
who had a kind and soft heart for the oppressed are
now looking for a kind-hearted person. Those who had
all hopes on just one Allah, are now looking towards
hundreds of thousands others for help. Those who
were stronger than storms and calamities, are unable
today to sustain even a small blow of the wind and
close eyes seeing the danger. We have become so
coward that we take the unwanted changes in the
political and worldly development as our unnatural
death. We are the one who eliminated slavery from
the world are now becoming slaves of the super

The world knows that Muslims used to fight without
food and water a hundred times bigger and stronger
enemies on foot and used to defeat them in all
battlefields but now despite having all resources of
the world we have become spiritless.

If we recall the Islamic History, we remember that
there were only 313 Muslims during ‘Badr War’. And
these fistful Muslims had only two horses, 70
camels, eight swords and six armour chains. While
the battalion of the enemy in that war was bigger.
Still the Muslims stood victorious. In ‘Ohd War’,
the battalion of Muslims comprised only 700
warriors, while the battalion of the enemy comprised
3,000 fully armed men. But the Muslims made them run
from the battlefield. In ‘Khandaq War’, there were
only 3,000 Muslims while the forces of enemy
comprised 24,000 warriors. But the Muslims had
courage and won the battle. In ‘Khyber War’, Muslims
were not more than 1600 troops, who fought 20,000
Jews and still the Muslims stood victorious and
captured the Khyber. In ‘Qudsiya War’, Muslim troops
were a little over 30,000, while there were more
than 100,000 Iranian warriors against Muslims who
ultimately had to retreat and Muslims stood

In ‘Yarmook War’, 32,000 Muslims defeated 200,000
Romans. (Some historians have written the figure of
Romans as 700,000 out of which 500,000 were killed
while 40,000 were captured). In ‘Spain War’, 12,000
Muslims, led by Tariq bin Ziyad, who was a small
follower of Hazrat Moosa bin Naseer (rahmatullahi),
fought an army of 100,000 troops of the enemy who
were armed with latest war gadgets. Christians
cannot deny the fact that Muslims, thousands of
miles away from their homeland, fought a war with
them and defeated them at all fronts. What was the
reason that every single Muslim was heavier than a
hundred troops of the enemy? What was the reason
that Muslims had never thought that they were going
to wage a war against a hundred times bigger enemy?
The governor of Egypt, during a war, had sought help
from Hazrat 'Omar bin Al-Aas (radhiallahu ta'ala
'anhu) and demanded 30,000 troops. In response to
the Egypt governor’s request, Hazrat 'Omar
(radhiallahu ta'ala 'anhu) sent just three men and
said initially accept these three thousand. Those
three men were: Hazrat Kharja bin Hazafa
(radhiallahu ta'ala 'anhu), Hazrat Zubair bin Awam
(radhiallahu ta'ala 'anhu), and Hazrat Maqdad bin
Aswad (radhiallahu ta'ala 'anhu). These three Muslim
warriors really proved heavier than 30,000 troops of
the enemy.

The Muslims of yesteryears really had something
beyond the courage that turned them heavier than a
hundred times bigger army of the non-Muslims. But,
today that courage and zeal is not found in the
Muslims. We proved our mettle to the enemy at all
battlefields and fronts. The enemy knew that fistful
Muslims could never be defeated on account of war
gadgets. Non-Muslims knew that Muslim forces never
retreat, but they fight while closing all their ways
of returning home. Muslims fight the enemy after
burning their boats because they fight with a vow
‘win or embrace Shahadah (martyrdom)’. The enemy
knew that Muslims know how to advance and make the
enemy retreat. They only stop when oceans or rivers
come in their ways. At this stage they used to pray
to Allah Almighty, “Allah, had this ocean not come
in our way, we would have continued with waging
Jihad against the enemies of Islam and eliminated
the non-believers from the earth.”

Nazarenes and Jews were so ashamed of their
forefathers’ defeats at the hand of Muslims. But how
long such stories and narrations would continue to
make them feel ashamed? And how long we would have
continued to survive on reminding them such events?
At last we are exposed. Our enemies have come to
know that Muslims are just hollow and they have no
strength, no power. The non-Muslims know that the
ancestors of Muslims were practical people while
Muslims today depend on lip-serving only. Their
ancestors were courageous enough who used to attack
enemies like dangerous eagle while Muslims today
look for the shelters to hide from the enemy. Those
were the Muslims who loved martyrdom and preferred
death over cowardice while Muslims today love
worldly things. Muslims today do not have that
courage that used to make the Muslims in the past
heavier over hundreds of enemies.

The saying of Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihe
wasallam) has come true: “The day is not far away
when all non-Muslim nations would get united against
Muslims and launch strike jointly.” When somebody
questioned the Holy Prophet, “Will it happen because
Muslims will be less in number against the enemies?”
The Holy Prophet replied: “No, you will be more than
the enemy but you will be like foam, which has
nothing in it and has no power or strength. Allah
Almighty, because of your cowardice, would remove
your fear from the hearts of non-Muslim powers and
would fill your hearts with cowardice.” Another
Sahaba questioned, “Ya Rasoolullah: What would be
that weakness?” He replied: “Your weakness would be
love for the world.”

Today all of us, our borders, our ideologies, our
interests, our generations and the entire Muslim
world have become the target of enemies of Islam. We
are left just one remedy to this situation that we
should change our today with our yesterday. Our zeal
and courage can change our fate and this way we can
protect better our interests, our religious beliefs,
our countries and our generations. No other thing
can defend us.


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