Friday, 27 May 2011

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A Selection of Quranic
Verses which Comment on the Natural World

A. - On the ongoing
process of creation

...and He creates other things beyond your

...Allah creates what He wills...

These two verses,
among others, indicate that Allah has not 'finished'
creation; rather, it is an ongoing process. This is
very significant from a scientific point of view
because we are gradually beginning to observe and
understand certain natural phenomena which are still
in a process of formation. One prime example is our
observation of still- emerging galaxies from huge
clouds of nebulae. Another is the evolution of
species, with its associated evidence of strange and
exotic "intermediate" life forms turned into
fossils. These two examples are just the tip of the
iceberg; the following excerpt from the physicist
Paul Davies' book The Cosmic Blueprint underscores
the growing awareness of continuous creation:

"An increasing
number of scientists and writers have come to
realize that the ability of the physical world
to organize itself constitutes a fundamental,
and deeply mysterious, property of the universe.
The fact that nature has creative power, and is
able to produce a progressively richer variety
of complex forms and structures, challenges the
very foundation of contemporary science. 'The
greatest riddle of cosmology,' writes Karl
Popper, the well-known philosopher, 'may well
be...that the universe is, in a sense,
creative.'" [21


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