Friday, 27 May 2011

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The Relationship
Between the Quran and Modern Science

Modern scientific
theory today finds itself quite close to the Quran.
There are at least two reasons behind this
observation. The first is the lack of
inconsistencies between the Quran and observable
natural phenomena. Science has not been able to
produce theories or experiments that fundamentally
contradict the Quran. Had our science done so,
either our understanding of the Quran or of the
world would have been to blame: the Quran itself is
true for all times. The second reason for the
remarkable harmony between the Quran and science is
the presence in the Quran itself of very clear and
positive encouragement to contemplate and
investigate the world around us. As the verses
quoted above indicate, Allah has not forbidden man
to question, and in fact, it seems He wants us to do

Soon will We show them Our Signs in the
(farthest) horizons, and within themselves,
until it becomes manifest to them that it is the

The historical event
which this verse alludes to is the conquest of
Makkah. However, almost every verse in the Quran
carries a historical and a universal meaning, and
therefore one possible interpretation of this verse
is that it refers to the gradual discovery of
greater and greater natural "evidence" of the
Creator's involvement in our world. Two of the most
important and most fascinating goals of modern
science are to peer farther and farther out to the
edge of the universe, and to look deeper and deeper
into the structure of the human body. It is in these
two areas that we find the "signature" of Allah's
creative power at its strongest.


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