Friday, 27 May 2011

the truth of Mohammad (pbuh)


And WE have made the sky a roof, well-protected, yet they turn away from its Signs.""


How did Mohammad (pbuh) know about the 20th century scientific fact known as " the atmosphere that protects Earth from the Sun's radiation and space meteorites"? One thousand four hundred years a go, people didn't know anything about the "Atmosphere". All they knew and saw is the sky above them. Mohammad (pbuh) said that this sky resembles a roof or a shield! But shield from what? People at that time and in desert Arabia didn't know about meteors, asteroids or the harmful sun radiation. Meteors & Asteroids present a constant danger to Earth. If one Asteroid, one mile long, would to collide with Earth, we would have a major catastrophe and destruction felt all over the Earth. The moon doesn't have an atmospheric shield, and that's why its surface is populated with massive craters. This verse intended for the generations to come.


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