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The holy month of Ramadan - appealed to Muslims

The month of blessing has arrived again. This is the month of happiness and loads of blessings and unlimited bounties for all the Muslims globally from our Almighty Allah. It is the advent of a month that is filled with immeasurable blessings; the thirty days which necessitate a Muslim to observe one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting. This month helps all the Muslims to abstain themselves from all the bad deeds and to develop good habits in them.
Life is full of challenges and we confront it on regular basis. But Islam has given us a true bounty of Ramadan to meet the challenges with courage and confidence. Where this blessed month brings a chance for all the Muslims to change their habits and to develop good deeds, it also brings a chance to ask for forgiveness.
According to Allah, the gates of Heaven are thrown open, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained in this month. Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said,
"When the first night of Ramadan comes, the devils and the rebellious jinn are chained, the gates of Hell are locked and not one of them is opened; the gates of Paradise are opened and not one of them is locked; and a crier calls, 'You who desire what is good, come forward, and you who desire evil, refrain.' Some are freed from Hell by Allah, and that happens every night." (Tirmidhi).
Another proposal of this month is the act of fasting, which was ordained during the second year of Hijrah. Fasting is obligatory for all the Muslims. Fasting develops the skills of self-restraint and self-control in an individual, as the person fasting does not only have to abstain from food and drink, but s/he must also refrain from many other things: backbiting, gossiping, bad deeds, using abusive language etc.
The Prophet said, "Whoever does not give up false statements (i.e. telling lies), and evil deeds, and speaking bad words to others, Allah is not in need of his (fasting) leaving his food and drink" (Bukhari).
The observance of fasting during Ramadan constitutes one of the five pillars of Islam. The experience of fasting is intended to teach Muslims self-discipline and self-restraint, and understand a little of the plight of the less privileged (e.g., the hungry, thirsty and the poor). Furthermore, Ramadan fasting is not just about disciplining the body to refrain from eating and drinking from pre-dawn until sunset, but is also about exerting control over the mind. This involves restraining anger, doing good deeds, exercising personal discipline, and preparing one to serve as a good Muslim and a good person. Fasting during Ramadan is prescribed for every healthy, adult Muslim whereas the weak, the sick, children, travelers and menstruating women are among those exempted. Muslims observing the fast are required to abstain not only from eating food and drinking water, but also from consuming oral medicines and injecting intravenous nutritional fluids.
The aim of fasting is to get spiritual happiness besides material welfare and to explore a true sense of happiness within us. This month is a blessed month and gives us a message to be pious to to get closer to Allah.
In the Quran, Allah says:
O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you that ye may ward off (evil) (2:183).
Fasting is an action, which, we are told, will act as a shield for us when we most need it.
Allah's Apostle said,
"Fasting is a shield or protection from the fire and from committing sins" (Bukhari).
Ramadan is the month, when all the Muslims should have to pay their yearly Zakat from whatever he/she has earned. Paying Zakat is obligatory in Islam and every one has to follow its procedure strictly. Care for the poor relatives, neighbors and other deprived people is also ordained upon the Muslims in the form of Zakat. A small portion of wealth, left accumulated in the previous year, is to be distributed among the deserving people, thus creating a sense of gratitude among the rich towards the Almighty and at the same time a sense of fulfillment among the under-privileged towards the Almighty, as well as a sense of brotherhood towards the giver of the charity.
Allah's Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said,
"There is Zakat applicable to everything, and the Zakat of the body is fasting" (Tirmidhi).
Fasting also fill in Muslims, the spirit of charity. Abstaining from food and drink gives a firsthand experience to the more privileged as to what the less fortunate may have to endure the year around. Hence, it encourages us to donate more to charity and to give out of the wealth to those who cannot afford the same luxuries that they do.
Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said,
"He who gives one who has been fasting something with which to break his fast, or who equips a fighter, will have a reward equivalent to his" (Tirmidhi).
Fasting is pure worship. The fact that he is abstaining from food and drink both in public and in secret shows his honest faith and strong love of Allah, and his knowledge and feeling that Allah is all-knowing of everything. For this reason Allah has made the reward for fasting greater than for any other type of worship. Fasting promotes the passions for patience, humility and a sense of submission to the Creator. Additional prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran and the regular prayers is rewarded manifold. The chief merit of Fasting is that it is an act based upon pure love and devotion to Allah and there is not an iota of show and exhibition of one's piety in it. The act of fasting is completely hidden from the view of the people and this is a moral training for the next whole year.
Achieving Taqwa is one of the most important wisdom of fasting. Fasting brings on Taqwa as it lessens the desire of the stomach and mutes the sexual appetite. Whoever fasts frequently would overcome these two desires more easily. Strengthening willpower and acquiring patience.
We should fear Allah and obey His every Command throughout this month. Fasting is never done for any material or worldly gain. Fasting is done mainly for the spiritual upliftment. It develops "Taqwa" in Muslims. The Prophet (PBUH) called Ramadan the month of patience as it increases one's will power to control his desire and the selfishness of his soul. This training allows him to be strong in following Allah's commands.
Yet another blessing of this month is that every good deed done in it, whether it be good to others or reciting the Quran, carries an extra weight of blessings

The Prophet said, "(Allah says about the fasting person),
'He has left his food, drink and desires for My sake. The fast is for Me. So I will reward (the fasting person) for it and the reward of good deeds is multiplied ten times'" (Bukhari).
It was narrated from Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (PBUH) said, "Ameen, ameen, ameen." It was said, "Messenger of Allah, you climbed up on the minbar and said, "Ameen, ameen, ameen." He said, "Jibrael (peace be upon him), came to me and said, "Whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan and is not forgiven, so he enters Hell, may Allah cast him away. Say Ameen." So I said Ameen."
Another factor, which distinguishes Ramadan from other months, is the advent of the Night of Power or Lailat-ul-Qadr. The Night of Power is said to be the one in which Allah writes the decree of His creation. In verses three to five 5 of Surah Al-Qadr, God says:
"The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the permission of their Lord, with all decrees. (That night is) Peace until the rising of the dawn."
The month of Ramadan is a chance to make up for the time lost around the year in other work and revert to Allah, beg forgiveness for the sins done around the year, and finally, a chance to better the life waiting in the Hereafter. It offers every Muslim an opportunity to strengthen his Emaan, purify his heart and soul, and to remove the evil effects of the sins committed by him.
All those who have performed their spiritual duties towards the Creator and the created and have accomplished the mission ordained upon them in this month, have got every right to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, as a day of successful culmination, but of course, not before paying Fitra, a simple obligatory gesture of kindness towards the poor, to enable them to enjoy the holy day.
Children must be encouraged to start fasting at an early age to begin the regiment and instill desire.
Common Errors made during Ramadan
Excessive spending: Ramadan should be a time to avoid being wasteful, and learning to be prepared in facing harder times by distinguishing the needs from the luxuries. Unfortunately, many people go beyond their limits to spend during Ramadan, whether in the varieties of food that they savor each night, or by the other types of spending.
Staying awake during the night and sleeping during the day: Meditation for soul upliftment can be practiced in the month of Ramadan with determination. Some people sleep during most of the day when they are fasting or else engage themselves in activities. Ramadan is not a time of being lazy. In addition, some may spend a great portion of the night indulging in eating and drinking and socializing
Reading the Quran too fast: Some insist on finishing the whole Quran once or more, even if they have to read very fast. Although reading the Quran many times is desirable, this should not be done hastily, especially during the Tarawih prayer without pondering upon its meaning.
Eating too much: This month gives us a message to realize about the poor and needy people. Filling appetite more than required is not the mandate of Ramadan. There are few people who eat too much in the month of Ramadan. It is been observed that the people eat more in the month of Ramadan than in any other month. But Allah is only pleased with those, who eat less and charity more in this month.
There is no need to consume excess food at iftaar (the food eaten in the period immediately after sunset to break fast), dinner, or saheri (the light meal generally eaten about half an hour to one hour before dawn). The reasons for this are two-fold. First, and most importantly, such a lifestyle contradicts the principal aims and spirit of Ramadan. Over-eating can be seen as a reflection of weak discipline and irresponsibility. Secondly, the body has regulatory mechanisms that reduce the metabolic rate and ensure efficient utilization of body fat. Furthermore, most people assume a more sedentary lifestyle while fasting. The net result is that a balanced diet that consists of less than the normal amount of food intake is sufficient to keep a person healthy and active during the month of Ramadan.
We must beg for Allah's forgiveness because we have broken so many of His rules and covenants and disobeyed His commands during the year.
Ramadan is meant for SPIRITUAL development through fasting. Physiologically, by fasting the body eliminates toxins efficiently and the mind becomes clear for "power thinking" so that one may ponder on the meaning of the Qur'an, Hadith and the necessity of Zikr. One must also do some self-analysis to monitor and correct one's behavior if necessary. With meditation, the mind becomes quiet and so should our tongues!
This is the month for renewing our commitment and re-establishing our relationship with our Creator. It is the spring season for goodness and virtues when righteousness blossoms throughout the Muslim communities. This month brings us a message to follow equality and brotherhood and to raise the positive image of Islam.
For all of us, who ever hurt any ones heart must seek forgiveness from that person, because it is a rule of nature that nothing is worst then hurting human and only asking for forgiveness from that person can heal the heart. According to our Holy Prophet, the only thing which has no forgiveness by Allah is to hurt human.
Therefore, It's my pray to Allah for all the Muslim brothers and sisters that may He gives us a true sense of understanding for our religion. May He show us the right path to follow. May Allah help us all to make every fast this Ramadan a shield in the Hereafter and an intercessor in the grave. May Allah guide us towards making this Ramadan a source for gathering numerous blessings and getting our major and minor sins forgiven. May Allah guide us on the right path and help us to understand the true essence of Islam and our aim of life. May Allah brings happiness and shower his blessings on us and may our wishes come true. Ameen.

Munir Moosa Sewani is one of the notorious, prominent and creative names in the field of Education since 10 years. He is a Master Trainer In Special Education, Post Graduate, Teacher Educator and a Teacher. He is a Freelance Writer and Photographer too. He is an author of the famous self-published storybook for children named as "The MORAL STORIES FOR CHILDREN" and has also written course book for Secondary Classes. He has written almost more than 80 articles on social, health, educational and cultural issues, which are internationally recognized, acclaimed and published on most of the famous world wide websites, magazines, newsletters and newspapers, particularly Khaleej Times and Dawn Newspaper.

It is a Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi world!

It's a Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi World!
Why Uncle Sam will never win the war in Iraq
It's not very often that I wax political. I'm wrong about so many OTHER aspects of human life, why expose myself to more ridicule, more personal attacks from my fellow Christian Americans? But something's been stuck in my craw for a while now and I have to get this off my chest.
Perhaps you've heard the phrase "The Twelfth Imam" mentioned by TV's talking heads lately. Well, I have! In October, 2005, Iran's President Mahmoud "Mammy" Ahmadinejad, made reference to this guy - The Twelfth Imam - when he addressed the United Nations. As he was wrapping up his speech, he asked Allah to quickly usher in "the Twelfth Imam."
As one, the all-knowing pundits and world's intellectual elite, mouths agape with wonder, replied, "huh?"

Sometimes referred to as the "Hiddden Imam" or "The Mahdi," Mammy's prayer caused many of those who consider themselves in-the-know to confess that they were clueless and sent them scrambling to, just as I did myself. Afterward, Mammy claimed that he was surrounded by some sort of halo of light as he spoke and that the leaders of the world were mesmerized by his speech.
Many Shia Muslims, like Mammy, believe that this "Mahdi" person - meaning "the guided one," used in reference specifically to one guided by God - fulfills a type of messianic role in Sunni Islam, though it has been used by Sunnis to refer to various reformers who have arisen periodically in history to revive Islam when it has grown weak. The concept is more popular among the Shi'ites who believe Mahdi to be the last in a line of saints descended from Ali, the founder of the Shia sect. They say he disappeared down a well in Iran, in A.D. 941. Yes, a well. Well...they say he went into a state of "occultation," like the sun disappearing behind the clouds. One fine day, after a terrible period of apocalyptic wars upon the earth, they believe these clouds will part, and the Mahdi will be appear on the scene. They believe that, when he is released from his imprisonment in the well, the entire world will finally convert to Islam. That is, after all, the goal of Islam in a nutshell; conversion or death. Face it, many see this as the goal of Christianity as well. Let's not throw stones for, over the centuries, we've been plenty guilty of advancing our perceived Christian cause through bloodshed, too. The TRUTH is, the goal of Christianity is NOT to score conversions. According to Jesus Christ, His "goal" - His Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) - was that we make DISCIPLES, teaching them His Doctrine. HUGE difference. But I digress...
We laugh at unfamiliar religious notions like those of Mammy but, friends, guys like him are incredibly motivated to see their religious beliefs fulfilled. Where they're concerned, Islam is "to die for!" Not only does he believe it, but the tens of thousands of mullahs - teachers of Islam - throughout the Middle East and elsewhere believe it, too, and they're preaching it and teaching it with great zeal. These people are on a mission from God, fighting a Holy War. They're training their kids to hate the Jews and the Christians and world domination is their ultimate goal. They are taught to believe that, when they die in this jihad, they become martyrs and ascend to Paradise where 72 beautiful virgins await them. They BELIEVE this as fervently as any Christian believes in the resurrection of Christ. They will NEVER surrender. For every one we kill - especially those we consider collateral damage - two more will rise up in their places. At the start of this war, I said that, even if we did catch Sadaam Insane and Osama Been Hidin' dining at the same table and served them each a live grenade sandwich, there are millions of like-minded fanatics lined up right behind them, ready to jump in line for the sake of the cause as well as the power and prestige that goes with it.
I'm as patriotic an American as they come, but we can dispel any notions that there will ever come a glorious moment of Al-Qaida surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri.
There will be no Appomattox Courthouse.
No Yorktown.
No ticker-tape parades as Johnny comes marchin' home once and for all.
Shall we cut our losses and bring our soldiers home? Not on your life! These people will follow them home like the snarling, growling, frothing German Shepherd that followed me home in the 8th grade! They believe they are on a mission from God.
Repeat: they believe they are on a mission from God.
Jeremiah 15:7 declares that "Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the LORD, intoxicating all the earth. The nations have drunk of her wine; Therefore the nations are going mad..." Imagine, a wicked, evil place referred to as "a golden cup" in the hand of the Lord. God was using Babylon just as He uses the devil, just as He's using Islam today. You see, I believe that Islam is a thorn in the side of the Church. God's trying to stir the Church to recognize that something else is trying to UNITE the world and it's NOT Christianity. We are too divided by ideologies, doctrines and dogmas and it's proving to a world that notices our division, our declining numbers, our publicized immorality - a world that's looking for answers - and they've determined that our faith is NOT the answer.
Islam is here to wake us up! The bloodiest wars ever fought have been fought by Christians and Muslims. Today, there are Christian countries destroying other countries believing that we're going to help them by bringing them democracy, something they don't even desire. We act like democracy is the Divine Government of God. Democracy is NOT what they need. The people need their King, Jesus. THAT is what we who know that King should be bringing them.
A CNN World News Story article headline, April 14, 1997, read: "Fast-growing Islam winning converts in Western world." The body read, in part: "...The second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam is also the fastest-growing religion. In the United States, for example, nearly 80 percent of the more than 1,200 mosques have been built in the past 12 years..."
Other notable comments regarding the rise of Islam include the following:
"Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people..."

- Hillary Clinton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, p.3
Already more than a billion-people strong, Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion. - ABCNEWS,
"Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the country." NEWSDAY, March 7, 1989, p.4
"Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States..." NEW YORK TIMES, Feb 21, 1989, p.1
"Moslems are the world's fastest-growing group..." - USA TODAY, The Population Reference Bureau, Feb. 17,

1989, p.4A
"Muhummed is the most successful of all Prophets and religious personalities." - Encyclopedia Britannica
"There are more Muslims in North America then Jews Now." - Dan Rather, CBSNEWS
Whatever the Western Church is currently doing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, frankly, it simply isn't working. I say scrap the popular hunker-down-in-the-edifice mentality, scrap anything but the teachings of Christ, and adjust our sails to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit. We can learn from the example of our persecuted brethren in the underground Church in developing nations, the ONLY place on the planet where our faith is thriving, incidentally. Is it persecution that will cause the Imperialistic Western Church to seek relationship with God and abandon the powerless form of self-righteous godliness that we currently possess?
Recently, I began pondering a verse from the Book of the Revelation, Chapter 20, verse 4. In the Amplified Bible, it reads: "Then I saw thrones, and sitting on them were those to whom authority to act as judges and to pass sentence was entrusted. Also I saw the souls of those who had been slain with axes [beheaded] for their witnessing to Jesus and [for preaching and testifying] for the Word of God, and who had refused to pay homage to the beast or his statue and had not accepted his mark or permitted it to be stamped on their foreheads or on their hands..."
I recall the first time I read this verse, about age 19. I remember thinking, "Beheadings??! Who does THAT any more? Surely there are some more effective and efficient methods for mass murdering one's enemies....just look at Auschwitz!"
Now, as I push age 50, I've already heard far too many horrifying news reports about beheadings - more than I ever imagined possible - all at the hands of Islamic extremists. Is THIS what the Church has in store for her because we failed to preach Christ all these centuries while we had the chance? As we approach Christmas 2006, even the City of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, has a Muslim majority whereas fifty years ago, Bethlehem was overwhelmingly Christian.
One day, something will grind "Christian" America's billion wheels to a halt. Pride comes before destruction, after all.
So, what should America and her allies do? For starters, sadly, our armies must remain there or the fight WILL come to our pampered shores.
At the end of Word War 2, General Douglas MacArthur said that we should send a battleship filled with missionaries to Japan. He was right. We failed to heed his advice and Japan remains a virtually Christ-less nation today. Jesus was the answer and we failed. The relative few ministers who are there are aging rapidly with shrinking congregations.
With that in mind, nearly ten years ago, a dear friend of mine, a woman with many Muslim friends who refer to her as "sister," gifted in ministry to children who once had a Christian television show in Canada, suggested to me that America should focus a major effort on evangelizing the children of the Muslim world. "What child can resist cookies and candy, puppet shows and coloring books," she insisted. "Kids know when they're being loved."
I believed then she was right. When I saw on television a beautiful 5-year old Iraqi boy with big brown eyes, glaring into the camera and, with clenched teeth, spewing hatred and damnation upon Jews and Americans, I KNEW she was right.
Armed with the capability to produce nuclear weapons, Iran will soon possess the ability to carry out her threats against us. With his finger on the button, Mammy will be in position to launch his rockets, driven as much by hatred as his desire to usher in the return of the Mahdi. Of course, this Hidden Imam will remain hidden for he is not coming; he's a figment of Islamic imaginations. Though he won't be making his long-awaited appearance, American and Israeli forces WOULD retaliate immediately.
Talk about unleashing Hell.
We can't leave Iraq. Neither can we defeat this enemy with "horses and chariots" (Ps 20:7). Sorry, but to all those who insist upon talking to these madmen, we can't reason with Iraq nor with their neighbor, President Mammy of Iran.
But the Church CAN pray and we can evangelize the children like there's no tomorrow.
At this rate, frankly, there may not be.
Thanks to my brother in Christ, Ed Dupas of Canada, who writes, after reading my rough draft on this article: "...I thought the name "Mahdi" had a familiar ring, but wasn't sure until I did a little internet surfing. There was a 1966 movie called "Khartoum", which starred Charleton Heston (a British General) and Sir Lawrence Oliver (as the Mahti). Because of the pronunciation of 'Mahdi' that I have been hearing recently, I didn't make the connection. Olivier pronounced it like "Maw-ch-tee" (as though one was collecting a gob of spit in his throat on the first syllable). It was a powerful movie, made so by the sheer screen presence of both Olivier and Heston."
Thanks, Ed! I followed up on the movie and one critic wrote, "In the light of recent world events, this classic confrontation between Western Imperialism and Eastern Islamic fundamentalism makes "Khartoum" more topical than ever."
Some of what the critic wrote included: "Heston essays one of his best roles as Charles "Chinese" Gordon, the patriot who thrives on challenge... Gordon becomes a national hero for his exploits in China and his ill-fated defense of Khartoum...Gordon is a Christian with the Bible constantly under his arm... A national hero who abolished slavery in China... An honest man revered by the British, as well as by the foreigners... A martyr-warrior who ever truly loves the Sudan and cannot, under 'his' God, leave it to the misery and the sickness of which he once cured it...A solitary non-conformist who craved and despised public adulation, a devout Christian that never allied himself to any church, a reluctant empire builder more often sympathetic to those he had to oppose....
"Lawrence Olivier is superb as the fanatical Arab leader, Muhammed Ahmed Al Mahdi, the Expected-One... His softly glowing black eyes never blink... His measured voice spreads holy terrors: "I have been instructed by the Lord Mohammed, Peace be upon Him, to worship in the Khartoum mosque. Therefore I must take Khartoum by the sword."

Two thumbs up!

His mission is to bring Discipleship and Encouragement to the Body of Christ. Since '99, he has broadcast over 600 inspirational articles and a dozen booklets on subjects sure to interest the thinking Christian and accelerate the process of spiritual development.
He is the founder of t.e.a.m. ministries. An Author, Pastoral Counselor and Teacher, his eMail broadcasts, known as "Your Town for Jesus" are read around the globe. 
A licensed/ordained minister, a Certified Workplace Chaplain, and a Professional Member of NIBIC, he has ministered in Methodist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Disciples of Christ, College and Cowboy churches. He is the Workplace Chaplain for a Texas firm, overseeing the Spiritual Development of over 500 employees at ten facilities throughout the state. He is a strong advocate for the House Church Movement, readily available to assist Christians feeling that same inclination.

Peligroso mundo de fantasía de Obama

My wife and I have taken our children to Disney World twice. Disney's fantastical elements take you into another world. It is a world in which the toughest decisions include: MGM Studio or Animal Kingdom? Hamburger or hot dog? Cotton candy or Popsicle? Pictures with Mickey or Goofy?
It's a fun place to go on occasion, but you can't stay there very long. Why? Because it's costly and eventually you have to reenter reality; one must engage again the "real world", where the "stuff" of life takes place. You know, stuff like making a living, paying a car note or mortgage, changing a diaper, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, helping with homework, washing supper dishes, etc.
Our weeks in Disney have provided the whole family with an appreciated escape from the "stuff". Without fail, my three kids express the desire to stay a little bit longer - "Please Dad, can we just stay one more week? Please! Please!" My answer is the same as any working parent in touch with reality - "No. We have to get home. I've got to get back to work, take care of the house, the mail, the bills, the dogs . . ."
As I look at the first few months of the Obama administration it seems he is living in his own fantasy world, and wants to stay a while. He's spending a lot of money, throwing weekly parties, hopping from country to country dreaming about a new world order. This administration is young, both in time and maturity, but it is already clear (as with most idealistic liberals) that they are not engaged with reality.
It is utter fantasy to believe Obama's spending and more spending will bring us long-term economic stability. Obama is spending like a millionaire yuppie whose parents have just died and left him the fortune. Such spending may bring some immediate satisfaction, but eventually the money dries up, and then come the consequences of prodigal governing. Parents and grandparents should be very concerned about the hordes of debt, via astronomical deficit spending, this administration is heaping on generations to follow.
But even more disconcerting is Obama's "fantasy foreign policy" as labeled recently by Newt Gingrich. On the same day Obama was dreaming about a denuclearized world the North Koreans were sending a missile over Japan. And what was Obama's response? In a speech on nuclear proliferation in the Czech Republic he said, "North Korea broke the rules once again." Broke the rules?! Not much repudiation there. Obama's verbal punches have hit his own country harder than this, on his "It's-All-America's-Fault" tour of Europe. Broke the rules?! This is not a kindergarten class. The North Koreans have played the world like a cheap violin, taking bribes all the while resolved to go nuclear.
Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for a world without nuclear arms. Accordingly, let us pause for a moment of silence and daydream about a world without nukes ... Okay, now, wake up, wake up, and snap out of it. We can fantasize, fine, but not to the dereliction of dealing with reality.
I'm not saying Obama is wrong in dreaming of such a day, or even causing more tingles to go up and down the legs of television anchors and journalists, or leaving enthralled Europeans in utter rhapsody at his mellifluous Utopian vision. But it is disturbing and even bewildering to listen to the President's age of utopia as the Japanese track a missile through their air space and the Iranians laugh at the world as they pursue nuclear weapons. Step out of Epcot Mr. President and try to figure out how to keep nukes out of the hands of rouge dictators and Islamic terrorists and then we can dream about a world without nuclear warheads.
And speaking of Islamic terrorists, I'm not sure we take the threat seriously anymore. Confidence is shaken when the director of Homeland Security dubs terrorists attacks as "man-made disasters". And, all of a sudden, there is no longer a "war on terror," the term being dropped by the Obama team. Furthermore, Obama goes to Turkey, as one AP article put it, "making amends with the Islamic world after eight years of tension" - more fantasy.
Again, I'm all for Obama's message of peace. Bush himself often differentiated between the war on terror and war on Islam. But the obstinate and intractable reality is that there are millions, yes millions, of Muslims who do not want peace with us. Islamic Fascism spreads an ideology of hate and a swath of blood and destruction. They hate our principles and way of life. This is reality.
It's okay for President Obama to step into his little fantasy world for a brief time, but he can't stay there too long. Or else we are all at risk. The real world requires grown-up attention and mature leadership.
"Please, please, can I stay just one more week? Please?" No, Mr. President, you can't. You have to get back to work. You have to make tough decisions. You have to deal with enemies who hate America and see you as a diminished, groveling leader. They are ready to seize an opportunity. I know this may be a shock Mr. President, but it's time to get real.

The intelligence Summit loses the brand: the German Jesuit threat to world peace

Greetings to all and each one, in the name and memory of Herbert w. Armstrong who visited and addresses many of the leaders of Nations which represents today.
Mr. Armstrong, Ambassador for world peace without political portfolio, was a man sent by the great God creator (who made all men and determines the limits and the languages of each nation) to deliver a bittersweet message.
I'm also going to deliver that message bittersweet, standing before, towards the Nations, dressed with a black t-shirt, jeans and burlap - not your typical attire of such important issues, but these are not normal times and business as usual will soon be history, as all know and express its concern to gather here in the United States of America to deal with these problems that threaten all humankind.
The world awaits anxiously listening to the recording of the former tyrant Saddam Hussein and questions if confirmed their weapons of the destruction programme in mass and justify the decision of President George w. Bush to launch his pre-emptive strike against belligerent Iraq.
Regardless, our troops have already been sent, they have bravely fought and he deposed the proud dictator that he imagined a modern Nabucodonosor driven to destroy the Jews, and now have been free elections in that country released - not that democracy is only the message that God has ordered our Nations British Israelite to spread. However I share with you one greater recording which directly affects each and every one of you and problems of their Nations and lead humanity on the brink of extinction to less ?Strong invisible hand from Someplace? intervenes and saves us from ourselves.
Reading book by Ryan Mauro, death to America: the unreported battle of Iraq - was impressed in my mind how mad some Muslims are being driven by the jinns of jihad and incredibly seek to cause chaos and destruction throughout the world that rejects their false vision. Gladly give testimony that not all Muslims share his perverse passion, as it is evident in the noble men like Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi in Rome, Italy.
However, solemnly affirm that the spiritual disease affect not only the Muslim world, but such religious fanaticism again its ugly head in soaked Europe of blood on the back. Europe's rapid response to the Jihad will be a new crusade which sacrifice the Arabs and Jews both every Christian who disagree with the Catholic Church!
The Prophet Daniel recorded some great provocation, a network of type that is soon to heads with Catholic butt Europe or Islamic Confederation (Daniel 11: 40-45), resulting in a blitzkrieg operation strike them dead in the Middle East, taking to countries like Egypt and submit to Libya and Ethiopia and overwhelming, no doubt, Iran.
This is good news. Europe - America - won't neutralize the Muslim Nazi threat. However, the bad news is that will bring it to the beast in Europe and only whet his appetite for more blood. Europe focuses on the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the German nation, and demand Jerusalem become a city of ?international, "as called it the damn resolution 181 Nations. The Germans and the Jesuits have been the influence behind this strategic move and have his eyes badly on the Jerusalem Prize, especially coveted the [] Temple Mount?[The-Secret-Nazis-Covet-the-Temple-Mount & id = 105789].
Everyone has focused on Islamic terrorism, as it is understandable, butthe greatest threat to world peace is the European Union dominated by Germany! Foolishly is has been helping the United States for creating this monster of Frankenstein brutally betraying American, British and Jewish peoples. Herbert w. Armstrong warned of this clear and present danger - as a system of early warning - for years. Weapons of mass destruction possessed by the increasingly more fascist us will trigger nuclear terror to our cities and they raining down death and destruction upon us and those who survive will suffer from deportation because of our idolatry and immorality.
These biblical warnings, based on reliable information obtained from Daniel and the book of revelation, are recording more should listen and pay attention to all mankind -if we are to be got rid of WWIII. I am here to announce this simple as a witness and a warning truth and share within beyond of Babylon: rise and fall of Europe.what to do with it is between you and the manufacturer, but I encourage you to take seriously and choose life and help save their respective Nations.?

David Ben-Ariel is a Zionist Christian writer in Ohio and author ofbeyond of Babylon: rise and fall of Europe. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, their analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Remove the beyond of Babylon blog.

¿Cómo tratar el mundo África

It has become imperative that the ideas underlying every African nations was those eminent to the present day rage which has of course blast every gentle mind to fury. A day of terror approach where there will be constant betrayal and in this betrayal, brothers will sell their kindred to slavery in terms of new global slave trade known as 'economic dependency'.
But nonetheless, nations have taken the lead in correcting the ills and wrongs of the 'big five' nations. Nations have stood their ground and has taken their destiny, and at which point they have done the best bid by defending their course diplomatically in the theatre of international arena. Some of these nations knew the mysteries underpinning their suffering, yet they have played along course the ideologies of the 'big five', being used as battle ground for selfish purposes. It is regrettable that even citizens of these nations have fell Snell to this obnoxious nonsense just like the proverbial Judas Iscariot in the holy Bible. Imagine the endless and senseless wars in Iraq, Iran nuclear escapade, North Korea' stubbornness to disarm all nuclear aspirations, Israel's mutiny with neighboring factions like the Hezbollah military stronghold, Palestine's breakage and the suicide bomb warranty, Lebanon and the outside codified ally, the Fatah/Hamas struggle for political supremacy, U.S ego-problem with the oil rich nations, Africa's nations and the eminent problem and resolutions to the civil war affected areas.
The controversies over ethics and morality in the global setting are beset by complications of what is the subject of the discussion and what influences globalization has on the features of societies in an international system. There are some international truths that must be unfolded before everything controversial in international politics and the ideal mystery of the Big Five can be settled within themselves without rubbing other nations of their mal-Unity. Are there many reasonable moral views, some of which stand in contradiction, in the world? Are there universal moral norms which no state or person may disregard without being blameworthy from the moral point of view? Is a "my citizens first" ethics compatible with right behavior? Who, if anyone, answers morally for the destruction of lives and ways of life in foreign countries through the consumption of richer countries? And how does all this apply to international law?
If these questions and numerous others cannot be answered, then I m afraid that the Unity and life span of UN is limited to grand zero actualization, despite past height in international peace reconciliation. The bridge that binds nations together under the ties of the UN will be broken forever, and the result will be constant political unrest, International evils in economy, technology and discovery, Terrorism and Wars, Usurpation of National Sovereignty, disloyalty to international constitution as it reflects the UN, national ego-ideal focus, bilateral and trade exploitation, increase in embargo due to fear of the unknown apart from terrorist attacks, diseases and high mortality rate.

Well in terms of its beneficial inter-relatedness, numerous coefficients serve to warm up African Consciousness, which has started to take effects in the areas of Global Mutiny and economic considerations, Africa which they term as developing has arrived at the isles to be self peopled, economically viable, and in my opinion, this is advancement taking place...So Globalization can be taken from either sense as classed economy or the United Nation's perception of power tussles. What I like to know also is the random ideological mutiny, which the Big Five has in post economic exploitation of the more sensitized and conscientized African Communities that claims to be moving towards development. At the height of augmentation, Mozambique, Gambia, Zimbabwe and the rest other southern and eastern nations of Africa are said to be near develop. Then the ethical questions is; what where the parameters that was used in determining the height of economic growth? When with mere eye-saw, these western nations with their economic sickles, and paranoid behaviors in economics, politics, inventions, science and technology, democracy and the like has affected the African Nations with their beefs within its shores.
It is more obvious, if Africans have forgotten so soon that we do not as Africans subscribe to the ideal barbarian lifestyle of the west, and as such those nations of Africa who once defended these way of life, and who where direct student of Marcus morsiah Garvey call for African's consciousness has been bought over simply for the urgency to unify allies in a bid to overcome perceived enemy of so called world-police nations. Our subscription with due course is to the overall unity of all African nations hence the ideal conception and impregnation of the African Unity (AU). Better still the hope of an average African is growth and peaceful co-existence of all Africans undermining civil wars which with respect to numerous investigations where directly and indirectly fueled by the so called western super-powers.
Although I do not refute that America's influence has not better the tremendous growth of Africa's economy and democracy. This is true, but it is imperative to know that America and her ally has done on the other hand a great harm to African nations through her romance with rebels, which on most cases has been denied by the American government and her allies. The truth is whatever the course today, America would have been able to intervene. But it seems more to every rational thinker that America is only interested in personal and national gains rather than humanity and global realization in peace and war free universe, yet propagation to end all wars is at the corner. This is itself an irony because within the Israeli/Lebanon brief war, we saw where the U.S took side, and gave Israel all needed expertise, when we know that Aaron Sharon still has supporters who where active during the genocide period of Palestine/Israel faction of the 1980's. If no nation will blame US for her involvement in wars, oil and nuncupative arrogance in nations sovereignty, then I am sure sooner or later, another apocalypses will emerge as the 'third world war'. Our fear is that this should not occur, but the way America, Russia, china, extremist Islamic nations are handling matters towards this global and techno-politico era, I fear another world war is zooming the gap of time.
On one hand, one cannot persecute their involvement with these African nations, and thereby unjustifying their wishes and aspiration. The Big five is just certainly the problem of the world, and the UN knows this. They are still the actors of colonization, and during these age of technology, they have adopted advance techniques and warfare to push their devices into sorting for higher egoistic good in Africa, and somehow in the Middle east; as an African Political philosopher Professor Ayodele Adebayo put the terms, "there is only one war to be fought, and this is simply for economy reasons, and man's utmost agitation to alienate his fellow man" Therefore, it is wise that Nations through the UN ties should come together and reason out ways of settling the cold war tussle between the Big Fives and their allies.
When I read the article put forward by my Lord, jaja malonga, I was striped naked of my empathy towards the different types of phobia man in his survival of the fittest has developed over the years. And I have reason seldom awkward in thoughts that it may be right on the ground that it depicts empirically the economic and moral surge the world has been afflicted with, and how the crisis came out as related by ethics, religion, economics, technology and the drive for survival in hard time during the world industrial revolution that took a hell peak at one historic time.
I will always repeat that although the League of Nations has its demerits, but United Nation's demerits has presided all the Demerits of the leagues of Nations plus the Second World War. The death toll today has tripled itself, and the nations to call for these disasters are seen now perpetuating and sponsoring other Israelis for baseless wars against Lebanon and Palestine and agendas in Iraq, Iran, Africa and the rest of the world - this in itself do not make me an Anti-American, rather As an Apologist of a more sensitized global justice which all nations strives to attain. Apart from the UN, there are member-nations whose solemn good is self centeredness, and to say the least these members are the real racist and extremist of the world and not the perceived arrogant Islamic extremist and fundamentalist, the real sponsors are term the Big-five of which most of us are politically aware of as being US, RUSSIA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, GERMANY etc, and so it will do us no necessary good if we continue to hide under diplomacy as a parameter to resolving our global differences between Nation-States.
Since they are the only nations that can help in structuring out facets for international relations through globalizations, Trades, investment and social and international securities. They must collectively fight a just course and call the middle east and Africa to global dialogue, instead of the threat given to them through sanctions - they must carry them along in every advancement, development, agenda and ethical principles, this is inclusive of the ethical justification for all as reasoned by member nations who are themselves not among the Big five, the Big-Five member states includes USA, Russia, China, Britain and Japan.
In one word, this cannot work as it is a reflection of bias and annihilation of the less developing nations (Third word Countries). Meanwhile there are other areas that the executive councils of the UN can formulate policies to bring to book those articulate agendas that will lead to Strategic progress and a back off of African Land, thus global peace and Understanding between all aggrieved nations and individuals. This is not just done to Africans alone, the Middle East are also affected. No wonder the increase in terrorism and wars.
The purpose of the formation of the UN was to bring about bilateral relations among nations, and for them to help each member states in reconstructing the war dilapidated areas of the world war two and poorer nations. The only way to stop terrorism is not to perpetuate terror to terrorist, rather peace and tolerance can only happen when world unity is the agenda of the day, where respect for life, rights, sovereignty, agendas and the like are discussed in the executive and security council of the UN where member-nations are present. We must dialogue peace; we must call all aggrieved nations and individuals together and reach an agreeable consensus. Let no man or nations be called a terrorist, fundamentalist, extremist and diplomatic enemy of another nation. We should take into cognizance that nations have their rights to internal resolution of crisis, and they don't expect other nations to interfere except when it affects the lives and properties of the timid Masses.
During the past five decades, many countries, often those born of decolonization amidst colonization, revealed themselves to be no more than pseudo states, without solid institutions, internal cohesion, or national consciousness. The end of communist coercion in the former Soviet Union and in the former Yugoslavia also revealed long-hidden ethnic tensions. Minorities that were or considered themselves oppressed demanded independence. In Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan rulers waged open warfare against their subjects. These wars increased the importance of humanitarian interventions, which came at the expense of the hallowed principles of national sovereignty and non-intervention. Thus the dominant tension of the decade was the clash between the fragmentation of states (and the state system) and the progress of economic, cultural, and political integration - in other words, globalization.
Everybody has understood the events of September 11 as the beginning of a new era. But what does this break mean? In the conventional approach to international relations, war takes place among states. But in September, poorly armed individuals suddenly challenged, surprised, and wounded the world's dominant superpower. The attacks also showed that, for all its accomplishments, globalization makes an awful form of violence easily accessible to hopeless fanatics. Although this is what the world see them to be, but in my humble Opinion, they are just some bunch of depressed souls wondering and contemplating the level of torture they have received from the Big Five, in most case America and Russia as the leading champions of these oppression. And this was only possible through their involvement with the UN; hence UN only served as a citadel of post economic and sovereign terrors who appear to be the world police, and whose drive is for the oil rich agenda in Iraq, the middle east, irrelevant policy allied agenda with Israel against any perceived enemy states such as Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq.
Sooner or later, terrorism will be championed from the Africa and core Asia minority states, because the US involvement in the reach oil regions of Africa such as the Niger Delta is beginning to take awkward effects, through opinion polls of the Nigerian rationalist, they and including myself have posit that, the US sudden Military base in the Niger Delta has an Ulterior motive from the US depute Secretary of State, Sir Negroponte himself, a man who is known to eat lions. This is the same man who lobbied the congress being used as Bush Administration's puppet to champion the dis-arment of Saddam and his final execution; this was the same man fueling the un-reconciliation and bilateral impunity between Rice and Hezbollah of Iran, the same man championing Fatah/Hamas stronghold. What can such a man do to better the economic life of the Niger Delta people and Nigerians if not to use the elites in slaughtering the minorities? He has been so careful and strategic enough to use his fraudulent political antics to confuse Mr. President Umaru Ya A'dua to grant him military base in Nigeria. Since when has Nigeria become member of the western or eastern block? Or do they think that Africa will one day be used as their dust-bin and testing ground for policies? This can only happen when Africans are reluctant to approach the suspicious western policies championed by Germany, Britain, US and their Allies.
The truth in this wise is not far fetch. America as a leading pathfinder of the Big-five has seldom looked upon themselves as the real problem of world peace, amounting to what becomes truth, America, Britain, France, china, north Korea, Russia, Japan etc and its allies have done nothing other than sharing the world into nations of their own, like the Asia economic interest in Africa, in fact it grieves my hearts to discover very recently that even china, Philippines are all working in same scourge to alienate Africans, and thereby re-colonized its territories. As long as i support creativity, economic relations between nations, I nevertheless would submit to the economic ulteriorness of nations having weird and fake Agenda for Africa's urgent development if not for self and economic interest, both advantageous to the communist nations and a slap to the economic and global integrity of the Nation-state at it expense. The wondering continues as this is a stylish way of post colonization and imperialism. The rest of the world is just being fooled and blinded because they kind of lack the economic, political, humanistic, socio-ethical and moral values to handle national issues. I sometimes wonder when these stiff neck, cancer worm Big-five nations will cease to interfere in other nation's affair, becoming spies and the actual terrors of the world. I hope Mr. Bo ki Moon - the newly elected UN secretary general will map out strategies to aid world's understanding of what the Big-five Nations are up to.
Terrorism is the bloody link between interstate relations and global society. As countless individuals and groups are becoming global actors along with states, insecurity and vulnerability are rising. To assess today's bleak state of affairs, therefore, several questions are necessary- I was able to ask this moral questions during the conference in New Delhi, Australia, Middle east - Lebanon, Cyprus and Syria . What concepts can help explain the new global order? What is the condition of the interstate part of international relations? And what does the emerging global civil society contribute to world order? These and many more are the necessary contingent questions that must be answered by the Big Five, in technical terms they are the Global police. In theory they monitor the political excesses of nations why they press for the reserves of self consciousness and own national benefits. It is imperative that the Big Five has become a threat to the developing and less advance nations in terms of Global warfare of all kinds, ranging from the accumulations of nuclear weapons and economic arrest through sanctions.
Two forensic models made a great deal of noise in the 1990s. The first one -- *Francis Fukuyama's "End of History" thesis -- was not vindicated by events. To be sure, his argument predicted the end of ideological conflicts, not history itself, and the triumph of political and economic liberalism. That point is correct in a narrow sense: the "secular religions" that fought each other so bloodily in the last century are now dead. But Fukuyama failed to note that nationalism remains very much alive. Moreover, he ignored the explosive potential of religious wars that has extended to a large part of the Islamic world. That even the less religious tolerated nations now embark on religious Mutiny and rivalry, it is now being fashioned as perpetuated by political insensitivity of Politicians in most African countries as in Nigeria, Sudan etc, and other countries of the middle east, Asia and some part of Europe.
Fukuyama's academic mentor, the political scientist *Samuel Huntington, provided a few years later a gloomier account that saw a very different world. Huntington predicted that violence resulting from international anarchy and the absence of common values and institutions would erupt among civilizations rather than among states or ideologies. But Huntington's conception of what constitutes a civilization was hazy. He failed to take into account sufficiently conflicts within each so-called civilization and the national context, he made a blatant error in so far that he was not mindful of his conscience, rather he judged too emphatically; and he overestimated the importance of religion in the behavior of non-Western elites, who are often secularized and Westernized. Hence he could not clearly define the link between a civilization and the foreign policies of the United Nations' member states. Meanwhile he was able to fashion a model for lasting economic solutions through the realization of the elite poorer nations. There was an institution that was built to conscientize citizens and the national polity in terms of national allegiance of which they owe a mechanical solidarity.
Comrades, after much dissertations presentation on international politicking by the western and the global policing of this same western world, I was able to come up with an Ideal conception of how this lasting problems can be possible through an inevitable solutions of a proper international Dialogue between member states of the UN to define their roles in the international political scheme of things; and how well their rights can be preserved without causing any furiousness in the eyes of member states who have felt intimidated in the last few decades, and whose sovereign right they felt was trampled upon politically.
I have prepared this dissertation works, and on the next conference in Novo Scotia, Canada in December 17th 2007 (which has been postponed to 18 January, 2008, this agenda shall be placed forward and deliberated upon. This also shall be the first time that a Black man has ever confronted the world problems from an imperceptible ground of rationale, and thereby would pull the entire power bunches together who called themselves 'the Big-Five'; and of which the greatest moral question of our time will be raised and resolved. And in so doing they either make a choice of settling down towards peace, forgoing the obsession of the "Biggest Guy in the World syndrome" or be made to face a catastrophe that will profit no nations but destroy the world in sevenfold all living creatures both Humanity, Animals and all that was created except the dust of the earth. This is evident at least with the modern stiff neck of nuclear bombs manufactured by nations of the world.
I have seldom asked if the Black will profit in this bid, and the answer to this question is true: the black will gain, but it will be on the ground that their WILL may flourish economically and otherwise and their ideals to an infinitesimal rational conclusion to world peace will be guaranteed. Although other black scholars have tried the same task I threading through. I know it will not be easy, but I must work the saddest mile to liberate my people and the Blackman from total alienation. The Black nations must surely take their place in the order of international politics....This is sure!
I have littered this article to be seconded by my fellow Black scholars who have held same opinions over the past years; this can also serve as a catalyst to persuading the world that the Black nations - Africa, Asia and Middle East (If they are actually ready) to take their place in the scheme of things. It is time we act fast before the Snell lingers longer exposing our cowardice and identity as a nations which has long been glaring. This article is open to criticism from proponent scholars of political reputes. I'm calling on all Black scholars to respond as soon as possible given your Opinions about this matter. My major analysis shall be centered on UN for the next 5 months which shall includes intensive submissions of dissertations as it regards how the UN can actualize Peace in this world amongst member states which already comprises of 205 members.
Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi (PhD)

My Life is a simple one, a very well organized aspect of living. I grew up to be the man i had always wanted to be, and no matter, i will always be what i want to be in life, making those who trust in me very proud people. My Goal is to make a breakthrough in the area of art as it is in science, space, technology and Mathematics. As Mathematics has lead to higher truth, i believe beyond all reasonable doubt that reason alone in the contemporary issues of Humanity will also lead me to higher through. I have tried in my search to finding lasting solutions to the ethical problems of men, and that like the maze of life, we all must stand and pick up the bones, which in a nutshell has been left to rot.
Our lives in this world seems more maribound to those who watches our progress and compliment on them. My goal is certainly to be good, and righteous always. Being "Good" is the veritable source of our pride, honor and all we have fought for in this changing world. Life is good, but there is more to life than the eyes can see, because it also contains some unrealistic events happening.

God and the religion of the world: the secret identity of "God" exposed, finally..

You may now have this 10,000 year Old "SECRET" that had been kept away from the general public by the "Power Elite" until now...
Know the truth and set yourself free forever. Suffer no more. Rise and shine. It is your birthright...
You may be worshipping the wrong "God" without knowing it because you were born into a family who belonged to a certain religion, and naturally, you now belong to the same religion and have never questioned their scriptural teachings.
You never questioned their teaching because you've been programmed to believe that to do so would be to go against "God" (a supernatural being that supposedly created the universe!) and wrong, a sin for which you would be punished. It is fear that has stopped you from doing so.
So, you have swallowed all their teachings on face value, even though, under normal circumstances, you would not do so.
To show any intelligence by questioning or arguing against their belief could lead to being condemned, alienated and ostracized by your family, friends, and community. We understand. You're not to be blamed.
There are many organized religions today in the world; the largest being Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, paganism and animism. Billions of humans belong to and profess faith to them.
Almost all these religions teach belief in a supernatural being, called "God" and have scriptures, articles of faith, and rituals that its members must practice.
Most also have a central location (for example church, temple, mosque, synagogue) where its members assemble to worship their "God" and engage in rituals.
A person who believes in a God is considered religious.
A person who denies the existence of a God is an atheist.
A person who believes God is unknowable is an agnostic.
It may be true that most human beings are living in modern times of high technology, computers, the internet, cell phones, TV and space travel, but their minds are still primitive and undeveloped.
They have no skill in critical analysis and concrete rationality because organized religions have programmed them to always "believe in things" and never to "think or question or analyze things", and to attribute all that happens in their daily lives to the designs of a God (if it is good) or a devil (if it is bad).
Their mentality and rationality have not matured. Their bodies are present here in the 21st century, but their minds are still stuck 100,000 years in the past. (Thanks to sleek mental programming by organized religions.)
All the worlds' organized religions have certain things in common:

In order to convert a lot of people, and also to dominate their congregations, they have wittingly and unwittingly employed a formidable strategy.
They have developed their scriptures by combining spirituality with moral systems, rituals, hypnotism, human psychology, psychism, astrology, theology, pre-history, fear, paranoia and fatalism.
That is why they have so much power and influence over billions of people.
One religion in particular, Christianity, was able to spread like wild fire because wherever they went in the undeveloped world, they bribed the people by building roads, schools and hospital for them.
By so doing, it was easy for them to disarm their rationality and convert them.
As for Islam (the so called religion of "peace"), instead of bribing its converts with modern amenities, it used murder.
They spread because, if you refused to believe in their teaching, they would cut off your head! And their converts were smart. They converted to save their heads!
Spirituality: This is the science of being aware that leads to the realization of your inner, unseen, nature and your relationship to nature on the outside. This is not the same as religion, even though most people mistake the two as the same.
Moral system: This is a social teaching that establishes what is right or wrong in a given society, for the benefit of the inhabitants, in order to maintain law and order and the survival of the society. It has nothing to do with spirituality.
So, one may not be moral, and yet he/she can become spiritual because spirituality transcends morality (right and wrong).
Actually, the ultimate meaning of a true spiritual being is one who has gone beyond right and wrong (morality), body and mind, and the world (materiality). It is the "Beyond".
This is the reason why human beings have consistently misunderstood spirituality and the spiritual teachings of enlightened beings, and have always abused spiritual teachings.
Hypnotism: This is the art of using repetition to program somebody's mind to displace his/her rationality and compel him/her to do things against his/her wishes. This is what organized religions do.
They make you go to the church, mosque, temple and synagogue where they preach to you and repeat their sermons endlessly. By so doing, they hypnotize you and make you unable to use your rational mind.
Actually, their hypnotism is also direct, because they tell you directly that you must believe their scripture (have faith) and you can't doubt it because it is the "word" of their "God".
So, their hypnotism and mental programming are both direct (must have faith, no questioning or thinking) and indirect (rituals, preaching and worshiping).
We're behaving in a mad way. The world is mad. Most Christian nations of the world in Europe, America and Russia have atomic and nuclear bombs that they target at one another.
Any day, a mistake can cause them to be set off and the world will be engulfed in a nuclear conflagration. Such mistakes, of a near nuclear attack based on a false alarm, have actually happened a few times before.
If a future nuclear war is not set off due to human error or a computer glitch, then it will be set off by all the mad and evil people running around in the world.
With the world wallowing and over flowing with so many weapons, wars, quarrels among nations, racism, ethnicism, hate, evil, scams, crimes, moral depravity, prostitution, drug abuse, domestic problems, economic woes and poverty, where in the world is organized religions working and producing good citizens?
Islam says that it is a "religion of peace" and yet Islamic fundamentalists roam the world throwing bombs and murdering innocent citizens that have not caused them any trouble.
In the Middle East, Palestinians are sending their 14 year olds as suicide bombers to murder Jews. This is a despicable atrocity.
Using 14 year old innocent children as suicide bombers should be considered a crime against humanity. What has UN done about this? Why is there no international condemnation and outrage against this atrocity?
Israel claims that Palestinian lands belong to them because their "God", Jehovah, gave it to their patriarch, "Abraham", thousands of years ago.
But "Abraham" is not a historical personality. Does anyone has any verifiable proof that Abraham was a historical figure?
And their "God", also known as "El" (from where the name "Isra-EL" is derived) or "Jehovah", was an ancient astronaut from out of space whose race colonized earth about 500,000 years ago. He was also known by other names: "Nanna" or "Poisedon".
"El" was also known as "Enlil" and he was the father of Jehovah, who was also known as "Nanna" or Poisedon.
They are not "God" the creator of the universe. They were ancient astronauts!
SHOCKING detailed information about this "God" has been exposed in an important and powerful report: "Introduction To TMT Science And Technology", and you may download it FREE at the website listed in the author's resource box at the end of this article.
And where is Jehovah anyway? Why is he so silent for decades while his children murder each other for the sake of a piece of empty desert land?
If he gave Palestinian lands to the Jews, why doesn't he come down from wherever he lives and proclaim that to us today? Is he not omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent anymore?
And if his children have been worshipping him for thousands of years and his representatives (the rabbis, scribes, priests, bishops and popes who claim to know him and have direct access to him) have been calling on him, why is he so silent then? Is he deaf?
Iran and North Korea continue with efforts to develop nuclear warheads.
Some of them have bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan and Russia.
Nobody knows if North Korea is bluffing or not, but they have been making threats to America.
India and Pakistan have nuclear warheads aimed at each other, waiting for any provocation to push the button.
Also, India and Pakistan used to be one country, and are the cradle of the greatest civilizations and religions in the world: Hinduism and Buddhism.
Instead of spending money to develop India and Pakistan, their governments squander it by stockpiling nuclear weapons that can decimate their countries, while hundreds of millions of their people have no modern amenities, jobs, electricity, running water, good roads, clothes, education or food.
Can you see the madness of politicians?
The world is fast rushing towards a nuclear annihilation. It may be triggered by error or conscious action of evil people.
And unless it happens, we humans will not wake up and our madness will not stop.
One day, will Americans wake up in the morning only to have nuclear weapons raining down on them? By then it is too late....
So, where is the religious teaching and how is it working anywhere with so many disputes, quarrels and wars: Arabs vs. Jews; Chinese vs. Japanese; China vs. Taiwan; Blacks vs. Whites; Communism vs. Democracy; Christianity vs. Islam and Judaism vs. Christianity.
The world is mad. We need to clean it up and start all over. If we don't, we'll all end up in a nuclear war that will wipe out billions of people and make our planet uninhabitable for thousands of years.
It has happened before and it may happen again. Unless we all wake up and come back to our senses.
During the next 10 yrs, there may be a lot of natural disasters hitting our planet and millions of people may perish. Many major economies may collapse. Diseases will be widespread.
It may have already begun, with the tsunami that just hit Southeast Asia recently, which have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
Please feel free to print this article, publish it anywhere or e-mail it to your friends and colleagues.
Have a happy new year and live long and prosper.
I-key Benney