Friday, 27 May 2011

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Other Quranic verses
deal with more stages in the water cycle.

And We send down water from the sky according to
(due) measure, then We cause it soak into the
soil. And We are most certainly able to withdraw

This is a single verse
stating that rainfall is absorbed into the ground
and that it can eventually be removed (drained).

[13:17] He
sends down water from the sky, and the rivers
flow, each according to its measure...

Don't you see that Allah sends down rain from
the sky, and leads it through the springs in the

Two methods by which
absorbed rainfall is moved are described here:
surface and underground rivers.

There are other
references in the Quran to the water cycle (e.g.
[40:13], [23:18], [25:48], [29:63], and others) ,
and all of them have the same property as the verses
quoted above: modern scientific findings are fully
compatible with them [10].


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