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A world order; The "return of the Khalifate" an opinion, part 3

A world order; The 'return of the Khalifate' opinions. Part 3.
Catholicism and Mohammedanism.(Islam). In our look at an order one world, wanted to take the time and do a little comparison between two religious factions. These two are completely different from each other. Remember that this survey aims to get everything to start thinking about World Affairs and the beginning of the end. This is only an interpretation.
1 Catholicism; We see in the writings of the seven hills on which stands the great whore.
Revelation 17: 9; "And here is the mind which has wisdom." "The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth". It's a reasonable assumption that the spoken hills are the seven hills surrounding Rome. But what we must look also is that the Antichrist is not only a man of peace, but also a man of war. The Vatican does not have an army and they have a sense of the Crusades.
Catholicism as a whole is not an entity of totalitarianism. In other words, the Catholic Church has lost the respect and the members for some time. The Christian community as a whole has 2,100 million believers, but only a part of them are Catholic. The Catholic Church has alienated himself from the rest of the Christian Church for practices of call the Pope Holy Father and not allow personal involvement in the biblical interpretation. The Bible specifically forbids both of these practices. Unlike the religion of Islam, Catholics may renounce this religion and continue with the religion of Islam, there is no other way out, or should I say no outside safely. The Vatican is not as powerful as it used to be in the 18th century, due to the massacre of Protestants in Europe.
World religion Papal control is constantly in the Cline down. You there are many Scriptures pointing to the authority of Papal as the figure of the Antichrist. There is an insurmountable obstacle, the Pope is not Jewish, and nor should it be. Why? Because the Israel people is looking for the Messiah, and he must be a Jew. That does not mean that Catholicism could not be involved but this makes it a little harder to fulfill the prophecy.
(TSK)Dan 12: 11-
time: Dan_8:11, Dan_8:12, Dan_8:26, Dan_11:31
the abomination: Hebrews to configure the abomination, etc.. Probably Mohammedanism, that emerged in the same year as the papal power ad 606; and 1,290 years from that moment it will be announcement of 1896 and announcement of 1,335 years 1941. Dan_8:13, Dan_9:27, Dan_11:31; Mat_24:15; Mar_13:14; Rev_11:2
makes desolate: or astonisheth
Mil: Dan_1:12, Dan_7:25, Dan_8:14; Rev_11:2, Rev_12:6, Rev_13:5
Dan 7: 24 and the ten horns of this Kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; It will be different from the first, and will have to submit to los Reyes Magos. Daniel 12: 11 and from the time that the daily sacrifice will be removed and set up the abomination that makes desolate, there will be one a thousand two hundred and hundred days.
2 Mohammedanism.(Islam). "First we look at the word;"["Submit" of Daniel 7: 24.]
1. To conquer by force or effort of superior power and bring permanent subject; to reduce the low domain. Submission implies conquest or overcome, but also implies more permanence of subjection to the to conquer, than any of these words.
2. To oppress; to crush; to sink; to dominate turn off greater resistance.
3. To tame; break through the conquest of a refractory temperament or bad passions; to process submissive.
4. To conquer; reduce goodness.
5. In order to overcome; to conquer; to Captivate.
6. In order to overcome; to dominate and destroy the force in Office.
The last definition is to subdue by Treaty and words of kindness.
Islam is supposed to be a religion of brotherly love; but in contrast to this Idea, it was and remains a warier religion, dominant and oppressive. This idea is derived from the word jihad. (Holy war)
Mohammedanism, arose in the power, the same year that the papal ad 606. This is an important fact, felt both religions came to power in the same year. Muslims make up 1/5 of the worlds population. It is the town of United States, 295,734,134 (July 2005 est.) (Religion of Islam is approximately 1,003,000,000(1.3 Billion.) Now imagine if a man controlled all Islam, this would constitute a very impressive military, right?
The Antichrist will be a stranger, the position of the Khalifate has not been filled in years. Here is the definition Khilafa and Khalifa.
Khalifa is an Arabic word which literally means "one who replaces someone" who left or died (English: Caliph). However, in the context of Islam, the Word takes on a more narrow meaning. The Muslim Khalifa is the successor to (in a line of successors) position of Muhammad as political, military and administrative leader of the Muslims. Strictly the prophetic role of Muhammad is not included in this definition, as the Qur'an and the Hadith clearly that Muhammad was the last of the prophets.
Khilafa is a related Arabic word that, in the context of Islam, is used to denote the Muslim State Government, of which Al-Khalifa is the head. A workable analogy of Khalifa and Khilafa is the President and the Presidency or the King and the monarchy. The Khilafa is a fard kifaya of the ummah.
The first Khilafa was Abu Bakr, 632-634 BC. I can not find the total number, but it would be interesting if this next Kailafa would be the 666th? This message is intended to inform and enlighten everyone in the beginning of the end of the Gentile rule. It is a vision, an opinion on today's activities around the world.

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