Thursday, 14 June 2012

The intelligence Summit loses the brand: the German Jesuit threat to world peace

Greetings to all and each one, in the name and memory of Herbert w. Armstrong who visited and addresses many of the leaders of Nations which represents today.
Mr. Armstrong, Ambassador for world peace without political portfolio, was a man sent by the great God creator (who made all men and determines the limits and the languages of each nation) to deliver a bittersweet message.
I'm also going to deliver that message bittersweet, standing before, towards the Nations, dressed with a black t-shirt, jeans and burlap - not your typical attire of such important issues, but these are not normal times and business as usual will soon be history, as all know and express its concern to gather here in the United States of America to deal with these problems that threaten all humankind.
The world awaits anxiously listening to the recording of the former tyrant Saddam Hussein and questions if confirmed their weapons of the destruction programme in mass and justify the decision of President George w. Bush to launch his pre-emptive strike against belligerent Iraq.
Regardless, our troops have already been sent, they have bravely fought and he deposed the proud dictator that he imagined a modern Nabucodonosor driven to destroy the Jews, and now have been free elections in that country released - not that democracy is only the message that God has ordered our Nations British Israelite to spread. However I share with you one greater recording which directly affects each and every one of you and problems of their Nations and lead humanity on the brink of extinction to less ?Strong invisible hand from Someplace? intervenes and saves us from ourselves.
Reading book by Ryan Mauro, death to America: the unreported battle of Iraq - was impressed in my mind how mad some Muslims are being driven by the jinns of jihad and incredibly seek to cause chaos and destruction throughout the world that rejects their false vision. Gladly give testimony that not all Muslims share his perverse passion, as it is evident in the noble men like Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi in Rome, Italy.
However, solemnly affirm that the spiritual disease affect not only the Muslim world, but such religious fanaticism again its ugly head in soaked Europe of blood on the back. Europe's rapid response to the Jihad will be a new crusade which sacrifice the Arabs and Jews both every Christian who disagree with the Catholic Church!
The Prophet Daniel recorded some great provocation, a network of type that is soon to heads with Catholic butt Europe or Islamic Confederation (Daniel 11: 40-45), resulting in a blitzkrieg operation strike them dead in the Middle East, taking to countries like Egypt and submit to Libya and Ethiopia and overwhelming, no doubt, Iran.
This is good news. Europe - America - won't neutralize the Muslim Nazi threat. However, the bad news is that will bring it to the beast in Europe and only whet his appetite for more blood. Europe focuses on the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the German nation, and demand Jerusalem become a city of ?international, "as called it the damn resolution 181 Nations. The Germans and the Jesuits have been the influence behind this strategic move and have his eyes badly on the Jerusalem Prize, especially coveted the [] Temple Mount?[The-Secret-Nazis-Covet-the-Temple-Mount & id = 105789].
Everyone has focused on Islamic terrorism, as it is understandable, butthe greatest threat to world peace is the European Union dominated by Germany! Foolishly is has been helping the United States for creating this monster of Frankenstein brutally betraying American, British and Jewish peoples. Herbert w. Armstrong warned of this clear and present danger - as a system of early warning - for years. Weapons of mass destruction possessed by the increasingly more fascist us will trigger nuclear terror to our cities and they raining down death and destruction upon us and those who survive will suffer from deportation because of our idolatry and immorality.
These biblical warnings, based on reliable information obtained from Daniel and the book of revelation, are recording more should listen and pay attention to all mankind -if we are to be got rid of WWIII. I am here to announce this simple as a witness and a warning truth and share within beyond of Babylon: rise and fall of Europe.what to do with it is between you and the manufacturer, but I encourage you to take seriously and choose life and help save their respective Nations.?

David Ben-Ariel is a Zionist Christian writer in Ohio and author ofbeyond of Babylon: rise and fall of Europe. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, their analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Remove the beyond of Babylon blog.

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