Thursday, 14 June 2012

My thoughts on many of world faith how can heal or destroy a nation

Talking about problems that I believe face every nation in the Middle East. I believe that Talking about problem areas like the Middle East will help put a stop to so much loss of innocent lives that is going on all over the middle east. Talking will help to solve problems where war will only cause loss of more life of all people involved. I know that certain countries do not want to talk to terrorist factions in the Middle East. I believe there is no choice any more some one has to open dialogue with all these factions to end all the killing in these war torn areas. I will never understand how clerics can use there religion to brain wash their own young people in to becoming car bombs or attached bombs to their bodies to kill people that are just trying to survive. I think that people of faith should use their faith for peace and the development of their young people. Save your children instead of using their faith and belief against them only ends their life before they have had a chance to live. I believe that the lord our god would hold a special place in his heart for any cleric or faith leader that showed his people how to live instead of die. I believe that it is time for all leaders in the Middle East to what is best to stop all killing. I know that you are all from different sects but you are all of the same faith. I believe that it is time to use your faith to preserve life.I belong to no religion my faith comes straight from god. Let your faith grow with the changes in today`s world. I hope people will lay down their weapons and start using their faith to heal the wounds that separates all their people.
Take a look around your countries to see the death that using your faith has done. How many hundreds of thousands of lives have to be lost before you will let god show you the light. People are dying of hunger, no medicine , no water ,no electricity. This is what your faith is doing all over the middle east. Faith is saving lives not destroying lives. I do not care if you are Islam, Catholic ,or Jewish God would not want this to happen to any of his children.I believe that God wants all countries to treat all his children equally. I do not care if you are man woman or child all should be treated the same. God not only made man in his own image but gave the same right to his women and children. Do you think that any child is different at birth because they are born into a different faiths? I have never seen a child that any different because they were born in to different religions. They all scream and cry when they are hungry or need to be changed. Why should any child have to grow up not knowing peace in their life time? Why do you stand by while your children are dying of hunger, disease no schooling no place just to play like a normal child? I know that every child deserves a chance to be a child first.
I believe its not faith but more peoples greed to control power and money from all this oil. I know god would want all of your people to benefit from all profits raised by oil rich countries. God put all resources on this earth the benefit all his children. Not to cause death and destruction. I think that people are using their faith for power and greed . The need to have power and control over other people is what drives these people. How can any person that preaches faith use their religion to destroy instead of build up their countries? I do not know how you can condemn democracy where every person has a chance to live equally. What is so bad about giving your people freedom and the right to choose how they believe? I am not fully up on the koran. God is god there is only one god I know his son jesus did not spread the word of death. I believe that it is time for all Islamic people stand up every where in the world and scream no more death. All people should stop and think for them self and their future children do I really want to raise my children where they could die before they even had a chance to live.I do not care what religious book you read no where will you read that god will tell his children to kill each other just because some human being tells you to. I am not preaching from any book of any religion. I am speaking on what god taught me to believe. Their are only three names you need to know to find faith for your self . The Father , the Son, and the Holy spirit. I can tell you all for a fact that faith is where ever you are just kneel down and pray I promise you will find not only your faith but you will find answers to all your questions. Remember what Jesus said on the cross for give them father for they know not what they do . This means all people. Why do you think that He sent his apostles in to every nation the spread the word of God. To teach not only the word of God but let all people know that life is most precious gift his Father good give us while we are in this world.
I would hope that people would use their faith for change that improves their country instead of destroying it .My prayers and hope are that people of faith in these countries will Use their faith to stop all the senseless killing that takes so many lives. I Believe that god would want for all people to stop their killing and start healing their nations. Open your hearts to real faith and I promise you that you will find God. Faith will end all wars and stop this senseless death of your young people. Changing your view on faith will let sunshine in to your nations instead of gun smoke. Faith will show all leaders how to raise your countries from the ashes to be come a growing nation. Faith will show you the road back to becoming a nation that thrives once again.Faith will raise your countries back to life . Faith will feed your children. Faith will rebuild your war torn countries. Faith will allow your children to be just children again.Faith will let you rebuild your cities and raise your schools again.Faith will bring doctors and much needed medicine to heal gods people. Faith will allow you to become great leaders if you accept true faith.I believe that people must renew their faith in god to bring and end to war and faith will find your countries final peace. Faith and prayer will show you the answers to all your questions.
Restoring peace and growth to your countries will show your faith in the lord. Making a effort to bring peace to your countries will reinforce your faith in god almighty. Killing will only take you further away from gods forgiving grace. Let the holy spirit back into your life to show you the road to final and lasting peace. War and death is not what our lord taught us . Why do so many of gods children have to die before every body realizes that the only way back to god is final peace.
Restoring faith to your people will put you at the head of gods line. Show god your faith in him by living the way his son jesus taught us the live. Believe in faith is one thing working to prove your worthy of gods faith is the final step. God is the way of life and faith is his chain that keeps us all full of hope and joy.Receiving the word of god is very simple ask and you shall receive.
Saving your soul is up to each person to do.Live by the laws that Jesus laid down for all his Fathers children. Preserving of all life is Gods number one law.Life with God is what every person that is lost should be looking for. God can give you back your life but killing a person takes away one of Gods children that will never come back. I hope I can reach out by word or prayer to reach the many lost souls our lord wants to reclaim. Life is the most precious gift God gave to all of his children Why do people try so hard to steal that away from so many people? Stop destroying all the many gifts god put on this earth for all of us. Family is your heritage from God why do people use them as a weapon? Bringing death to gods children will not change the current situation that now affects so many countries.
Look around you and see the death and devastation that is going on all around you and tell me you believe in God? Start the road back to the Lord your god by forming a lasting peace. Time and faith will heal all wounds. Somebody has to put out the hand of peace for God to start the healing for all your people.Reaching out to god will open hope and faith to all people who just want to live and let live. Stop letting God hear all those screams of his children dying. Give god back the future of all his children. I hope that we all learn the value of life. I believe that god taught so many different religions to us to allow us to have different faiths to pray to him. I believe that we are all covered by gods love. I think that it is time for all people to show their love for him. People need to start walking and working with our lord to bring back peace to all his people this is the word of God. God is the air you breath and the food you eat. Why are so many of gods people starving to death every day?
No matter what faith you are Jesus taught us all about what his father wanted from his children. Faith is not in any book or spoken buy any person faith is your heart and soul. Faith is believe in times of doubt that our lord will see us all through if we only try. Faith is not only working to heal all wounds but healing the wounds of our lord who sent his only son to die so that we could start over. Yet we keep the wounds on jesus hands from healing by killing more of gods children.
I pray that this article will start the healing of all nations where people are dying of war. My hope and faith is that the killing will stop every where. Why do we not have a faith in God day where all killing stops just for one day all over the world. I hope then it will be one day after the next. My prayers are with all people for ever lasting peace . God bless you all.

I will be writing articles to help people to understand where I stand on many subjects. I hope these articles will inform people on how I believe on different subjects in life. I hope you will not only find these articles informing but entertaining
Thank you I hope every body enjoys these articles

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